Tryout Results & Conditioning Schedule Updated 10-10-19


Congratulations to the girls listed below, they have successfully completed and passed the soccer tryouts to date.

Varsity Players & Floaters as of October 1 2019 Pending Completion of Tryouts/Requirements (P)

Bohorquez, Zulma
Chou, Lindsey (P)
Copeland, Casey
Doty, Jessica (P)
Fry, Shyler
Gile, Abbey
Green, Savannah
Lee, Marika
Leilva, Mashayla
Lium, Abbie (P)
Nadeau, Ella (P)
Smith, Samantha
Smith, Chloe (P)
Thoe, Natalie
Uribe, Jessica
Zerbel, Alexandria

Benjamin, Hannah
Benjamin, Sabrina
Cabral, Ashlie (P)
Hilwani, Lana
Jackson, Autumn
Martinez, Layla
Nelson, Arianna

Final decisions and team assignments will not be made until coaches have had a chance to conduct the makeup tryouts for all prospective players currently participating in “Fall Sports” and for girls who had a valid reason to miss tryouts.

Girls who are also currently in the program.

Aguirre, Lysha
Alfaro, Annette
Castro, Ariana
Fry, Madison
Gallegos, Janelle
Gissel, Carissa
Gomez, Leila
Habchi, Madisen
Hinds, Emily
Jimenez, Madison
Lopez, Michaela
Lovelace, Emma
McDonald, Kylee
Merlos, Vivian
Montiel, Jocelyn
Nagel, Hailey
Odeh, Ameera
Parker, Caitlyn
Pena, Gabriella
Quast, Kaylee
Rojas, Stacie
Sircar, Henna
Timm, Brooklyn
Vargas, Larrisa
Wilburn, Makayla

Conditioning Days:
Time: 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM
Place: CVHS Grass Fields

Time: 6:45 AM to 7:30 AM
Place: CVHS Stadium

Time: 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM
Place: CVHS Grass Fields

Bring: Running gear, Soccer gear & water, also bring music if desired.


Citrus Valley High School

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